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Who Is Document Shredding For?

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Who Is Document Shredding For?

Time and again people hear about this whole shredding thing and wonder who is it actually for? Is it for Auntie Jane a town over? What about that massive corporation moving in down town? Perhaps it’s for that retiree couple that are downsizing living accommodations and are getting rid of old collected papers. Want to know the real answer? Document shredding is for everybody, all the above and everyone else.

Why’s it for Everyone?

It’s for everyone because there’s no reason for it not to be. That’s not necessarily a good answer, but it is an honest one. It’s one of those things that has no down sides and provides benefits to any who use it. On one hand you have the advantage of securely destroying private information, on the other you will support sustainability efforts.

For privacy considerations you need to keep in mind several things. If you’re in the business of handling private information, then you are bound by privacy regulations to the safe handling of this information. This includes its eventual disposal. The best most secure way to do this for paper records (beyond fires and vats of acid) is through professional document shredding. Professional industrial grade shredders reduce papers into fine confetti which makes reassembly impossible, this confetti is then transferred to recycling plants to be turned into new products. This leads us to…

How shredding is helping with sustainability efforts. When you choose to shred with professional services you can rest assured that your papers are being recycled properly. Reusing papers means we will cut down less trees, destroy fewer ecosystems, and generally improve the health of the planet and ourselves. Between security and sustainability there are no downsides.

It also doesn’t matter if you are an industry or an individual. Banks, hospitals, or residents can all benefit from this service. We all have papers and sometimes we forget what’s on them. Taking a chance with them can lead to disasters, so it’s best not to be hasty with these things.

As we said at the start, document shredding is for everybody, whether you’re a private resident with some old bills or a business in a huge industry.

by wwwbdrs Apr 26, 2019
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