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Deciding Between One Time and Scheduled Shredding

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Deciding Between One Time and Scheduled Shredding

So you’re looking around for the ideal document shredding service provider and trying to decide which of the various options they provide is best for you. It’s hard enough that there are so many choices in company you can choose, but the fact that they all offer a huge selection of services tends to make it more difficult to decide. Commonly you’ll have the option of scheduled shredding or a one-time service, which is all well and good. One question still remains though: which service is for you?

Service In A Nutshell

As their names suggest, each of the afore mentioned services provide you with different timing options for your shredding. A one-time service, as the name implies, is a one time shred job that gets rid of whatever documents you decide. The scheduled service is for repeated shredding and a timetable of your choosing. Both are catered to fit your needs, but at times it can be tough to decide what your needs may be.

A Look At One Time

The perfect option for those with a small number of documents to be shredded. Residents and small businesses specifically may find this to be the best option. It really depends on the volume of documents you’re producing and your specific compliance requirements.

Low volume production of secure records won’t necessarily require you to be shredding everything right away, so long as you are taking steps to securely store them. Either way, over time you will eventually have enough to get shredding, be they business records at the office or old letters at home. When the time comes to get rid of them, the one time service is ideal. No job is too big or small for it, just don’t make the mistake in ignoring your shred needs for too long.

A Look at Scheduled Service

As the name implies, this is shred service that is recurring on a time frame you decide on. This is the best option when you are pumping out documents to no end. Since you’re able to set up a time frame that works best for you, you won’t have to worry about getting shredding in when you need, as it will already be on the way.

Remember that the more you produce, the greater your responsibility is going to be. Compliance regulations require you to be on top of your shred needs, and the trust of those whose sensitive information you are handling are depending on you to handle it appropriately. Shred regularly, and don’t take a chance.

All’s Well that Ends Well

If you’ve made a decision on one time vs scheduled service, or if you’re still pondering it, reach out to us. We’ll help you determine which service is best for you or set you up with a time and date for shredding. Be it one time or scheduled.

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