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How Shredding Reduces our Impact and Helps the Environment

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How Shredding Reduces our Impact and Helps the Environment

It’s estimated that over 67 million trees are used for paper products each and every year in the U.S, and despite the rise of digital media, paper use has gone up by 126%, from 92 million tons to 208 million tons over the last 20 years. For the foreseeable future this trend shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Paper waste is one of the largest contributors to landfills in the United States, making up about 28% of solid waste. With our increasing use of paper products, and the resulting continued rise of paper waste, it is more vital than ever to exercise proper recycling procedures.

It’s estimated that 5% of all industrial pollution was caused by the paper industry in 2015, that’s around 79,000 tons a year. Emissions from this waste will enter the environment in several different ways and at different quantities. 66% is released into the air, 24% gets discarded onto the land, and 10% enters the water system. While things are getting worst, we can take comfort in the fact that progress is being made to help reduce our wastage.

Paper Recycling is Making Positive Changes

The biggest and most helpful thing paper recycling is doing for us is simply reducing our impact on the environment. 66% of the total recycling effort in the United States is dedicated to paper recycling and has been going a long way in helping. By cutting down on the amount of paper going to landfills, we are reducing the need for new landfills to be open. This also reduces the amount of harmful emissions being leaked into the environment.

Additionally the resources needed to recycle paper into new products uses up far less resources, energy, and water. A single ton of recycled paper saves 7000 gallons of water, and saves the equivalent of six months worth of electricity for the average U.S. home. One ton of recycled paper also saves approximately 17 trees, and every tree saved lowers carbon dioxide emissions. You see trees absorb CO2 over the course of their entire life span, and upon dying will release it all back into the atmosphere. By reducing the amount of trees cut down, we are directly helping to lower CO2 emissions, and also simple helping to preserve our beautiful landscapes.

Our Part

At BDRS we are committed to helping build a clean energy future for our communities. We take every effort we can to ensure all professional paper shredding is available to any and all who need it. By shredding paper instead of throwing it away, you are not only protecting your sensitive information but you are also ensuring it finds its way to being recycled. Every scrap of paper, cardboard, and even shrink-wrap that we process is sent out to be recycled into new products, reducing our impact on this world. We take our commitment seriously, and we hope you will become a part of the solution.

When you are ready to become part of the solution and help build a sustainable future, reach out to us here at Business Data Record Services. We’ll help you help us towards a brighter future with as little wastage and impact as we can possibly have.

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