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Complete Hard Drive Destruction: The Only Safe Data Disposal

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Complete Hard Drive Destruction: The Only Safe Data Disposal

Many people labor under a false belief when it comes to handling their electronic data. It’s a belief born from a failure to communicate the true function of a computer. This belief is that when you wish to destroy some data on your device, all you do is select it and then hit that handy delete key. The facts of the matter is that hitting the delete key doesn’t do what people think it does, and your data is still very much there in a way.

So What is Deletion?

The first thing we’ll do here is describe what exactly is happening when you delete something on your device.

So you have some kind of file that for one reason or another you’re tired of and wish to consign it to digital oblivion. Selecting your file and pressing delete doesn’t actually destroy the data. What happens is that the location in the memory where the file is stored is now flagged as being available. This allows new data to be saved over that spot in time, but how soon or long that takes depends on how much data you’re saving. Until such a time as it is overwritten that data is still there, and is able to be recovered with a little time and effort.

The actual icon that you are clicking on and thinking is the file is in fact just the directory listing. It’s the road sign pointing to where the files are saved on your hard drive so you can access it. That get’s removed when you press delete so you can no longer directly access it, unless you go through a recovery process. However as stated above, the data is still there and hasn’t been removed at this time.

How to Actually Destroy Data

Now when you wish to actually destroy data the only option to be 100% sure that there are no bits still floating around is to completely physically destroy the storage device. This is exactly what it sounds like. The media storage device is taken and run through an industrial grade shredder, which reduces it some many tiny pieces that all data is destroyed. Any attempt at reconstructing the device and data is therefore impossible. All left over materials are then sent to be recycled into raw materials and turned into new products.

How To Get Hard Drive Destruction Services

When you are ready to dispose of your hard drives, and wish your data to be rendered completely destroyed, reach out to us. We here at BDRS are a professional, and certified document and hard drive destruction company whose mission is protecting businesses and residents in Minnesota. Don’t take chances with your private data, we’re here to help.

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