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Enjoying the Holidays Securely

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Enjoying the Holidays Securely

The holidays are here and many of us will soon be headed off to enjoy some time off and generally forget about the rigors of work and life for awhile. This refresh is an important time for most of us as we get recharged by the break. However, while recharging we need to still remember to keep those records secure.

Over the season many people will receive all manners of good things. Cards with seasons greetings, gifts from friends and family, and likely lots of delicious foods on top of this. It is a great time of celebration, but along with all of these usually comes some kind of information you wouldn’t want strangers to get a hold of. This can be in the form of receipts, envelops with addresses on them, or even the cards themselves.

Eventually the time comes where the cards are taken down and the receipts are put away or thrown out if that’s your preference. Take care with these, as everything that you are keeping should be kept in a place where others cannot have easy access to them. Out of sight, out of mind is a good policy in order to avoid the temptation of others. An even better policy is out of sight, out of mind with a lock as an extra measure against those that might be committed to finding records one way or the other.

For anything that is not being kept, be sure to seek proper disposal methods for these.  Specifically when it comes to sensitive documents, you should seek professional document shredding service. This ensures all information is destroyed securely by a Certified service. This thorough destruction also makes reconstruction impossible as only fine confetti is left over.

So while you are on holidays this season keep some proper information safety practices in the back of your mind. The worst way to end one year and start another would be having to go through the difficulties of information theft. Seek out the professionals at BDRS in the New Year and we’ll help you with this process.

Be safe and happy holidays!

by wwwbdrs Dec 21, 2018
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