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What to Consider in Choosing a Storage Facility

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What to Consider in Choosing a Storage Facility

Often we have a need to find places off site to store important records and items, be they personal or business related. There are many options out there you can choose from when it comes to an offsite location, as varied in number as there are things to store. With that said not all are made equal, and you should be looking for specific things in them in order to know just how protected your items will be. We’ve got a few ideas on what you should keep in mind when locating the perfect storage facility for you.

Facility Condition

For starters we need to make sure the place we’re looking at is of sound construction. Is the structure leaning over heavily? Are there great big holes in the roof that let gallons of water pour in every time a storm blows through? Is it a hundred year old building made from very dry wood, or does it otherwise look in need of some good maintenance?

If the facility itself is looking worse for wear, then you should reconsider having it on your options list. Look for well maintained places of solid construction. Buildings of poor construction are often more vulnerable to break ins, and foul weather will cause more damage to them.

Building Material

Related to the condition of the building is what it is actually made of. Are you looking at a stout structure made of steel and concrete reinforced with re bar? Or does it look like it’s made from the finest tinfoil? Another consideration is if the materials are fire retardant (see steel and concrete), or if a match will send the whole place up with a woo-ssh. If the place is looking fire prone then don’t bother walking in the door; turn around and go somewhere else.

Security & Disaster Prevention Systems

Once you’ve determined the construction and material is sound, the next checklist item will be on the facility systems themselves. Since we’re on the subject of fire we’ll begin there.

Every modern structure should be equipped with fire suppression systems, and smoke and heat detectors which are monitored 24/7. Constant vigilance is needed when it comes to fire safety. Modern systems give us the ability to closely monitor signs and to react quickly to ensure it is dealt with before any damage is done.

Security systems are another important factor to consider. Can anyone is stroll in and start looking through things, or do they use security card access systems so only authorized people can access the facility? Is an onsite security presence there to keep things in order? What about security cameras and motion sensors? These are all things you need to consider about the facility itself and the systems they employ.

The secure storage facility at BDRS is modern and uses all the systems to ensure the maximum security and safety of whatever it is you are storing. If you’re interested in taking advantage of these systems, reach out to us and tell us your needs. We’ll work with you to ensure you are satisfied.


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